As climate change becomes a pressing reality for our generation, social entrepreneurship and innovate business techniques are following suit. Below is a list of people and companies across Africa that are using inventive ideas to work toward a more sustainable world.

Tom Osborn is the Founder and CEO of GreenChar.

GreenChar, based in Kenya,  produces alternative charcoal waste from agricultural waste to improve household and industrial cooking.

Thato Kgatlhanye is the founder and CEO of Repurpose Schoolbags.

It’s a South African company that designs the most innovate schoolbags for children. The bags are made out of 100 percent recycled material, include a solar panel that when charged transforms into a solar lantern, and have a trendy design.

George Mtemahanji is the founder of Sun Sweet Solar.

This solar energy company in Tanzania is using small scale solar energy for homes and businesses.

Mabel Suglo from Ghana is the founder of Eco Shoes.

Eco Shoes is a company that up-cycles waste into usable goods by empowering people with disabilities to make artisan shoes from sustainably-sourced raw materials.

Chantal Butare from Rwanda started the Kinzai Dairy Cooperative in 2012.

Its function is to help Rwandan farmers sell their milk, and now empowers more than 3,200 farmers.

Afrik Innov TV
Photo: Afrik Innov TV

Anda Maqanda from South Africa is the founder of AM group.

AM group is a major leader in renewable energy on the African continent.

Alex Mativo from Kenya started E-LAB.

This startup uses electronic waste to make art and other beautifully designed products.

Emmanuel Mukadi from the Democratic Republic of the Congo started VertDC.

The waste management company helps to make his country greener and cleaner.

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