Podcasts have been a preferred form of education, news and hot topics throughout this millennium. The accessibility and ease of designing such a platform has allowed for a multitude of creators to step behind the mic and tell their stories, hold important and impactful conversations, or just have a plain ol’ good time. And Black folks have taken note.

According to Edison Research’s first-ever Black Podcast Listener Report, which was released in 2021, 26% of Black Americans average 5.2 hours per week of podcast listening, with women driving the statistic. So naturally, with a large Black woman audience, Black female podcasters are able to feel confident in creating such centered content to directly speak to this dedicated market. With topics ranging from spirituality and wellness to hot topics and politics, Black women podcasters are exploring conversations deeply personal to listeners who look like them.

Here are eight podcasts for Black women by Black women that you should check out.