If you’re like me, you made a commitment to make 2015 the year of the #GloUp. Also like me, you might not have gotten as far as you would have thought you’d be halfway through the year. Never fear! Sometimes all you need is a little bit of inspiration and motivation. Following certain Instagram accounts, YouTubers and blogs has helped me get ideas on ways to change up my style, my health and fitness and to secure that glo up before the year is out. Of course there are so many great accounts to follow from all over the world, but the UK has been moving on up and blazing a trail that we simply can’t ignore! Check out eight of the top UK fashion and beauty inspirations below.

1. Shirley B. Eniang566,446 subscribers • 33,587,230 views)

Shirley is a YouTuber and blogger and nothing short of a connoisseur in the fashion game. From her haul videos featuring products from places such as MISSGUIDED and Zara, to her hair tutorials with all of the most premium quality hair extensions, Shirley is a one-stop shop for all of your fashion and beauty needs. Her specialty is most notably her lookbooks, in which she features four to five outfits for specific styles and occasions. From her “Olivia Pope” Lookbook to her Autumn Style Lookbooks, you are sure to find outfit inspiration for any occasion. Her website is studded with beautiful photos showcasing her style that anyone is sure to fall in love with.

Connect with Shirley: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Website

2. Patricia Bright (583,591 subscribers 51,022,209 views)

Patricia is a fashion blogger and YouTube pioneer. She is known for constantly switching up her style and her hair to keep things fresh and funky. Some days she rocks her leather jackets and black heels and straight hair for an edgier look while others she goes for nice dresses and curly hair to bring out her more dainty and feminine side. Patricia can do it all. Her makeup tutorials are always on point because she always caters them to specific occasions and needs. Her chatty videos are so essential because she makes you feel like you know her personally and she answers many of life’s questions with her advice and experiences to remind us, “Hey, I’m just like you.” Patricia’s website is a trusted resource with posts on outfits, hair, skincare and even just experiences and epiphanies. You will not be let down!

Connect with Patricia: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Website

3. Beauty by JJ (468,851 subscribers 45,494,138 views)

Jennie is a YouTube staple. Her weave game is otherworldly and forever laid to the gawds. Her hair tutorials are a must-have for anyone looking for inspiration for their next hair style. Her makeup tutorials cater to many different needs and she frequently uses her platform to encourage others. Jennie has been known to comment on the flack that darker skinned woman get from others and does a lot to uplift all women as beautiful and worthy. Her Lookbooks are styled flawlessly and will be sure to help you figure out how to develop your own style!

Connect with Jennie: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

4. Ugly Face of Beauty (194,121 subscribers 19,593,392 views)


Gracie is a YouTuber with a strong and loyal following. Her specialties include numerous haul videos with stylish pieces, vlogs that chronicle her weeks and various trips, and tutorials. Offering insight on things such as skincare, curly-hair routines and drugstore makeup, you are sure to find everything you need to get the ball rolling on your glo up on her channel. Gracie also has videos on healthy eating tips to help you get that summer body you’ve been putting off. Check her out to get some much-needed motivation.

Connect with Gracie: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram

5. Liz Liz Live (303,973 subscribers 40,133,707 views)

Liz is a YouTuber that has been doing the damn thing. She has videos on everything from health and fitness to outfit-of-the-days. Liz never fails to let her Ghanaian style shine through in her outfits. Her natural hair tutorials will help you through those long stressful nights you spend trying to twist yours up. Her wig reviews will ensure that you only get the best. Her channel is essential for helping you achieve that all around self-improvement, on the outside and the inside. Check her out!

Connect with Liz: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

6. Beauty Crush (1,598,581 subscribers 116,213,550 views)

Sammi is blazing it on YouTube. Her following is truly no joke, and it’s not for nothing. Her videos will show you the true merits of pursuing a healthy lifestyle and she’ll be honest about how hard it can be but how worthwhile the results are. Her makeup tutorials are beginner-friendly for those that are just starting out and her outfit lookbooks can cater to so many different styles; you’re sure to find one that fits you. She gives a lot of advice based on all she has been through and has uplifted many by being honest and vulnerable with her audience. You can’t help but feel like Sammi is your friend, which is a great trait of hers.

Connect with Sammi: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram

7. Fusion of Cultures (158,144 subscribers 10,164,657 views)

Laila-Jean self-identifies as “your one-stop shop for all things healthy hair and life inspiration” and we couldn’t agree more. Most notable are her natural hair tutorials. She has truly done it all. She transitioned for two years and big chopped on camera, and her subscribers really feel like they have been there through it all. Her tutorials are a saving grace when you’re tired and frustrated with your hair and don’t know what else to do, or even if you just have a bad hair day. Her hair care videos are so necessary if you want to keep your tresses healthy and full of life. Need I say more? Go, go, go!

Connect with Laila: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Etsy Shop

8. EstareLIVE (34,009 subscribers 1,725,986 views)

Estare is SLAY personified. Seriously. Her style is so perfect it’s unreal. Her YouTube combines fashion, style, beauty, hair and fun all in one. Her vlogs are always a trip and really feel like a reality TV show without the pointless drama. Her hair is always flawlessly done and she is sure to cater to the aspiring makeup artists or stylists. It’s easy to feel like someone who looks great so effortlessly would be intimidating, but Estare is so relatable and hilarious that it’s hard to see her as anything but a friend and inspiration. From her unique outfits of all styles and her hair changes, she constantly has more and more content to inspire, motivate and uplift you. Check out her YouTube and get working on that glo up!

Connect with Estare: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Sigma


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