Gone are the days of the fad diets and impossible workout regimes. OK, maybe not entirely, but there’s definitely been an evolution in the way we view our health. A vast majority of people today are in search of wellness, the kind that requires less of an external quick fix and more internal healing and sustainability. The holistic health movement is a vital part of this transformation.

From practitioners and doctors to educators and healers, here are nine black women redefining what it means to be healthy — and they all do it with style.


Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts | @chelsealovesyoga

Photo: ChelseaLovesYoga via Instagram

Certified yogi, educator, cover model and doctor are just a few of the titles touted by this Spelman alumna, even though most people might know her simply as ChelseaLovesYoga. Chelsea runs a yoga and literacy curriculum for Atlanta-area youth organizations, as well as provides trainings for yoga practitioners, educators, community leaders, activists and students interested in expanding their awareness on issues concerning marginalized youth, individuals and communities. Hats off to this beauty, who inspires us all to find balance on and off the mat. 



Lauren Ash | @writtenbyherself

Photo: Black Girl In Om

When it comes to championing the holistic health movement among black women, few match Lauren Ash’s effectiveness and elegance.  Ash co-founded  Black Girl In Om, an organization devoted to promoting holistic wellness and self-care for women of color. Black Girl In Om is part publication, part facilitator of yoga and holistic experiences throughout the country. A yogi herself, Lauren continuously inspires women to find themselves and each other through a rich community that celebrates Black Girl Magic.





Lauren Nixon | @laurennnixon

Photo: LaurenNixon.com

Food education is a vital, yet overlooked aspect of our culture. But, Lauren Nixon is ensuring that individuals stay informed. She’s a well-versed food and wellness educator, guiding people in cultivating spirit-filled lives through self-care practices. From meal prep to wellness workshops and self-care circles, Lauren empowers communities to live well in a sustainable fashion. Though based in the D.C. area, she can be found lending her knowledge of food and wellness to a host of publications, including Black Girl In Om.




Photo: Instagram TheChiroArtist

Dr. Crystal Jones is a  modern-day medicine woman who does lots of international travel. She’s a licensed chiropractor, a speaker, consultant and healing facilitator. From private sessions to corporate conferences, her work transcends her clientele base as she promotes a holistic approach to living optimally wherever she goes. When she’s not healing the world, Crystal can be found creating herbal blends, salt detoxes, sugar scrubs, body butters, oil blends and even traditional waist beads.


Melody Jones | @melodyorganics

Photo: La Cadena Style Avenue

Melody Jones is a lupus-survivor-turned-entrepreneur, blogger, and organic-brand consultant. Through her holistic lifestyle changes that included juicing and making cleansing and detoxing a part of her permanent lifestyle, she has found a passion for educating others on finding their way to living a healthy and happy life. Check out her YouTube channel to see how detoxing can be incorporated into your lifestyle.



Ciarra Ross | @ciarraross

Photo: Instagram CiarraRoss

Ciarra Ross has created a virtual space that enhances holistic health through both spiritual and emotional healing. Born out of her own personal healing and self-love journey, Waters of Nu reflects the call for more restorative, healing spaces for those who have experienced generational oppression, abuse, poverty and exploitation. Her intention? To inspire a reach beyond our physical survival into a reclamation of our entire existence — spirit, body and mind. A doula, Reiki healer and writer, Ciara Ross is channeling and promoting a better way of being and feeling.






Millana Snow | @millanasnow

Photo: Twitter MillanaSnow

An entrepreneur and philanthropist, Millana Snow is the co-founder and CEO of SERENE Social, an international wellness, philanthropy and networking community exclusively for women. On top of all that, she is an actress, model, Reiki healer and casual YouTuber who promotes conscious living day in and day out. This woman is quite frankly unstoppable.








Wendy & Jess | @foodheavenshow

Photo: Food Heaven Made Easy

Finally, we have not one but two pioneering women, the goddesses behind Food Heaven Made Easy, Wendy and Jess. In what began as a web series and has since expanded into a website, these nutrition fanatics demonstrate how to cook nutrient dense, delicious and affordable plant-based recipes while providing scientifically sound nutrition information you can trust. These two women make eating and living healthy look too good not to try. 




Holistic health is about living in a way that’s beneficial to your entire being — body, mind, and soul. When we are healthy, we have the time and energy to devote to our passions and to give our gifts to the world without restrictions. These extraordinary women are doing just that and so much more by inspiring, empowering and transforming our communities.


Know of more inspiring women in the movement? Please share them with us in the comments below.