It’s the age of technology, and if we have nothing else in our possession, we always have our phones. Whether you’re a proud Android user or an Apple connoisseur, there are some cell phone hacks that every one of us should know. Here are 9 cell phone hacks to make your usage so much easier:

1. Put your phone on airplane mode when charging it. Your phone will charge faster. And you can keep airplane mode on for a while after charging if you want to save battery life.

2. Place your phone in a cup before bed. If you’re a heavy sleeper and always sleep through your alarm, placing your phone in a cup will help the alarm sound louder.

3. Screenshot directions. Instead of wasting your battery by using maps, just screenshot the directions so they’ll be conveniently at your disposal.

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4. Use volume buttons as the shutter for photos. Do you have a great angle but can’t reach the shutter button? No worries! Your volume buttons will work just fine with less risk for dropping your device.

5. Switch on airplane mode for weak service. If you’re constantly losing your signal, turn your phone on airplane mode and then turn it back off. Your phone will instantly search for a network.

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6. Delete old text message threads. For many, messages take up the most space on your device. Clear those out to stop those irritating storage notifications.

7. Protect your phone with a Ziploc bag. Sounds crazy, but you can protect your phone from water, dirt and more by putting it in a Ziploc bag. You’ll even be able to text while it’s in there.

8. Use rice for water damage. We’ve all been there — You just dropped your phone in water. No need to worry, just turn it off, dry it off as much as you can and let it sit in a bag of rice for 24 hours. More times than not, it will be back in working order soon.

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9. Hide items in your phone case. Your phone case can not only protect your phone, but it makes for an awesome substitute wallet. Bus cards, money, and more can fit perfectly between your phone and the case. There are even cases with built-in secret compartments.

Do you know of any hacks that aren’t listed? Let us know in the comments!

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