With The Breakfast Club shifting gears, Twitter can’t help but reminisce on some of the show’s wildest moments. Over its 10-year run, hosts Angela Yee, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy have given us some of our favorite moments in entertainment — especially Charlamagne.

The 44-year-old isn’t known for having a filter, and while he may have calmed down in recent years, that doesn’t mean we’ll ever forget his savage moments on The Breakfast Club. And with Yee announcing her departure from the show, fans are sharing their favorite, and messiest, moments from Charlamagne on the show.

He asked Magic Johnson about his reaction to his HIV diagnosis.

Magic Johnson has been candid about how his HIV diagnosis affected his family. But Charlamagne couldn’t help but ask him if his first thought after learning he had the virus was: “It was that nasty b***h from Sacramento.”

He asked Danny Green about Tim Duncan's sexuality.

When interviewing then-Lakers player Danny Green in 2013, Charlamagne asked him about rumors swirling around his teammate Tim Duncan’s sexuality. It was completely off topic, and Green looked like he was put on the spot.

He joked about Kevin Hart's infidelity.

Kevin Hart is a well-known jokester, but when Charlamagne interviewed him back in 2017 amid his cheating scandal, the host used the opportunity to show off his own funny bone.

In a clip of the episode, Hart described his wife, Eniko, as his “rib.” The 44-year-old then asked, “What’s your favorite side to have with your ribs?”

Hart laughed and admitted that was a good one.

He criticized Safaree's rap skills.

Charlamagne didn’t hold back when Safaree decided to show off his rapping skills on the show in 2017. After he was finished, the host was quick to share how unimpressed he was.

“Nah that ain’t it ya’ll,” he said during the interview. He went on to say the freestyle was too “intense.”

He suggested Mindless Behavior members were having sex.

Boy band Mindless Behavior appeared on The Breakfast Club in 2011. Although they were in their early teens at the time, Charlamagne pressed them about their sex lives.

He suggested that they were sexually active, which they all looked shocked upon hearing. When Yee pointed out they were barely out of the tween stage, Charlamagne still doubled down on his claims.

He watched Mo'Nique walk out of an interview.

Mo’Nique stopped by the show in 2020 to discuss her Netflix controversy. And while she probably hoped to use the platform to share her side of the story, Charlamagne wasn’t having it. He challenged her and argued that she was in the wrong. After a while, she was over the conversation and left the interview early.

He told Kanye West that he hated "Yeezus."

When Kanye West appeared on the show, he told him from the jump that he “hated Yeezus.” West handled it well and didn’t give into the host’s obvious bait. Instead, he went on to describe what he aimed to do with the album.

He asked Azealia Banks if she makes music for "gays."

When Azealia Banks appeared on the show in 2018, Charlamagne told her that one of the show’s interns said she makes “music for gays.” Banks had the perfect response ready to go.

“Yes, I do,” she confirmed, adding “What’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing,” Charlamagne said, though he still tried to push his point.

He got into it with Fredro Starr.

Fredro Starr was not having it after Charlamagne commented about him allegedly receiving oral sex from Brandy, The Boom Box reports.

The rapper was ready to throw hands, and Charlamagne wasn’t backing down. Though both Yee and Envy tried to move on, the host and Starr kept going at it.