A 9-year-old girl in Minnesota confronted members of her school board for posters of Black Lives Matter and Amanda Gorman that hang on the walls of her school after she was told political posters were not permitted.

The “no politics in school policy,” was implemented by the district last month the Washington Examiner reported.

The girl, identified as Novalee, spoke candidly at the Lakeville Area School Board meeting in Lakeville, Minnesota, in the viral video about her disdain for the Black Lives Matter posters in her school. Ironically, Lakeville, a suburb of Minneapolis, just happens to be located 30 minutes outside of the city where George Floyd was killed over a year ago.

"I was walking down the hallway at Lakeview Elementary School to give a teacher a retiring gift," Novalee explained. "I looked up onto the wall and saw a Black Lives Matter poster and an Amanda Gorman poster."

“In case you don’t know who that chick is, she’s some girl who did a poem at Biden’s so-called inauguration." 

Novalee said that she disagrees with the tenets of Black Lives Matter and the movement causes racism which goes against Martin Luther King's teachings.

“I do not judge people by the color of their skin. I don't really care what color their hair, skin, or eyes is. I judge by the way they treat me,” she continued. "MLK said 'I have a dream that one day my four little children will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.'  That dream has come true. I do not care or look at the color of skin — but you make me think of it.”

Novalee told the board that they “cannot even follow [their] own rules" and to “get the posters out of our schools.”

When she first noticed the signs posted in the hallways, in true young Karen fashion, Novalee went to the principal’s office and demand they be taken down.

The principal refused to remove the posters saying it was the school board’s decision that had them installed the New York Post reported.

As Blavity previously reported, school board meetings have become ground-zero for parents to challenge their school district’s policies regarding critical race theory and LGBTQ+ issues. Some meetings have turned violent as parents were arrested as they protested the possibility of anti-racist education being included in the curriculum of their children.

States such as Texas and Florida have passed bills that place limits on how teachers teach about the history of structural and bans critical race theory from public schools

“You expect me to believe that you did not know what you were doing by making these posters?” she asked. “Come on, people.”