nullS&A absolutely loves it when black filmmakers produce genre films. See the ongoing S&A fantastical short film contest to start. We also love international co-production markets. Several have been highlighted on this site over the years.

Here’s a great opportunity for those of you with feature length genre film scripts.
The Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFF) is joining the Montreal Fantasia International Film Festival to set up the first transatlantic coproduction market dedicated to genre films. 
It will take place from April 10-12, as part of the BIFFF, and is open to feature length genre films from the US, Canada and Europe – although there is a catch as always. The project should have some “European element” to it, which can be that it’ll be shot in whole or in part in an European country, or some of its cast and/or crew are European. Also, each project cannot have been already presented at any coproduction markets before, and should be submitted by a producer.
The deadline for submissions is December 20.
Eventually 12 projects will be selected from all eligible entries.

For those just joining us, co-production markets provide filmmakers with the opportunity to present their projects to co-producers, financiers, sellers, distributors, services and post-production companies from around the world. It essentially opens up your project’s opportunities all around, by exposing it to a much broader set of potential collaborators from across the globe, who’ll be invested in seeing your film from script to screen.

To apply, click HERE.