A Georgia man who admitted to sexually abusing a 17-year-old girl and keeping her imprisoned in a dog cage inside of his home will not go to prison.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Michael Wysolovski pleaded guilty to first-degree cruelty to children and interstate interference with custody on Thursday. The 33-year-old was facing 10 years and eight months behind bars. However, he was given an eight-month credit for time spent at a detention center in Gwinnett Country, Georgia, before posting bail in February 2018. Wysolovski will serve the rest of his sentence on probation. He will also have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. 

Per Bustle, Judge Timothy Hamil rejected Wysolovski's appeal for a lesser first offender status instead. This classification would erase the suspect's plea deal from his criminal record. Hamil justified his decision because he did not notice any repentance from the convict throughout the course of the trial.

"I don't see any emotion from you. I don't see any remorse from you," Hamil said. "I am not moved to give you first offender status."

He continued: "In my time on the bench I can count on both hands the time I've refused to give someone first offender status – but there’s something inside me that says this is one of those times."

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According to The Orlando Sentinel, Wysolovski was detained in June 2017 after FBI agents found a teenage girl who had been reported missing for more than a year trapped inside his Duluth home. Per the news site, Wysolovski met the victim through an online anorexia platform. Because she was locked in a dog cage for most of her time spent with the suspect, the unidentified girl suffered from ringworm and was extremely starved. Per court documents, Wysolovski used food as a way to discipline the girl. 

Wysolovski's case echos a similar ruling in New York where a 26-year-old bus driver who admitted to sexually abusing a 14-year-old rider also avoided prison time. As Blavity previously reported, Shane Piche will also have to register as a sex offender. However, he will receive level 1 status. The judge presiding over the suit defended his verdict on the basis that Piche had no prior criminal record, and he only abused one individual.

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