Kanye West has been unavoidable this year with his loud, mostly confusing, political views, rants, tweets, ideas and missions. But after his meeting with President Trump on October 11 (which many have called wild and erratic), we began to wonder what the White House would look like if Yeezy were the man behind the desk in the Oval Office.

If Kanye West were to one day become the president of the United States, here's how we envision the White House might look:

The 100 Days 

After Ye performed with Lil Pump at his Inauguration, DEA Director Pusha T launches an operation on the Mexican drug cartels, but mysteriously, all the drugs disappear. Pusha T resigns, announces his retirement from rap and is never seen again. He was last seen in Rio De Janerio with Rick Ross. 

Ye's Hunger Games Administration 

It is safe to say the artist formerly known as Kanye West is a narcissist. Ye will require everyone in his administration wear his dystopian-chic fashion line. The latest Yeezys, of course, will be a part of the official uniform. As a tribute to his newfound hero, Ye will have fresh "Make America Great Again" hats on deck for visitors and foreign dignitaries. 

Keeping Up With The Kardashians 

Khole, Kourtney, Kylie and Kendall will head up the committee of culture and appropriations, stealing fashion, makeup and hairstyles Black women have been doing for years and claiming them as new and trendy. The Dow plunges 1,000 points in two days; gas is $6 a gallon; food shortages are frequent, and the national debt nears $40 trillion.

Kris And Caitlyn Reunite

On a diplomatic summit with North Korea and China, Kris and Caitlyn Jenner fail to negotiate peace between the Asian nations and the U.S.

Kim Jung Ung walks out the summit, threatening war while cameras are rolling. E!'s ratings are through the roof, and Kris returns to her luxury hotel and settles into the night with a glass of merlot.

The Resistance 

Two years have passed, and Uncle Snoop and T.I. are leading the resistance against Ye. Riots, protests and violent clashes with Yeezy-wearing white supremacists are the norm as Ye's looming impeachment trail comes underway.

The Sh*t Hits The Fan 

Kim will essentially be VP and First Lady like House of Cards. Meanwhile, Kanye will still be in Calabasas making beats on his 15th studio album, as North Korea launches a ballistic missile toward Hawaii, and Chinese forces land on the California coast.

Kanye's Final Speech 

Press Secretary Teyana Taylor introduces President Ye in a raspy, yet sultry, voice. He interrupts her right before she finished the dance routine from "Fade." Ye gives a speech on the power of love and the importance of having dragon energy. And then, a Freudian slip happens: "None of this would have happened if Bey and Jay came to my wedding." 


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