This has been one hell of a week.

The government seems to be all over the place, our faves keep putting their feet in their mouths, and it's starting to get cold. It's too much!

But, at least we have Twitter! And, thankfully, y'all still don't know how to act. Let's review the best tweets of the week.

Kanye tapped danced his way to the White House Thursday, and Twitter was left shaking its damn head:

Yep, Tay Tay came out as a proud and blue American. But that didn't mean folks were quick to start stanning:

Drake has been Canadian, Jamaican and also somehow from New Orleans. His declaration of allegiance to Conor McGregor had fans hoping he doesn't start wearing hella green and river dancing. 

While Drake was in his feelings about his fighting fave's loss, Beyoncé proved she isn't just queen of the Beyhive; she's also the queen of the jungle:

Someone also almost questioned the greatest athlete in the world, before quickly coming to their senses:

Giving us something to smile about was a youngin' who, as the old folks say, clearly has been here before:

And you better not touch the thermostat while this dog is around:


It's 2018, and for some reason, people still think randos are out here passing perfectly good bud to some crumb snatchers. If that's the case, it's time for us to go costume shopping. 

Speaking of the youth, children never have chill. 

Meanwhile, KevOnStage shared he yells at his son for a good reason.


Women are sick and tired of men commenting on their makeup while they're out here being two-faced, literally. 

'Til next week, friends.