A St. Louis Teacher's Aide Allegedly Hired A Hitman To Murder A 10-Year-Old He Was Accused Of Molesting

The aide is also said to be HIV-positive.

Deonte Taylor
Photo Credit: Screenshot/KSDK

| April 19 2019,

10:12 pm

A teacher's aide is accused of hiring a hitman to kill a 10-year-old student who he allegedly molested. 

The St. Louis man has been identified as 36-year-old Deonte Taylor, who is HIV-positive. St. Louis Today reports Taylor and his boyfriend, 66-year-old Michael Johnson, appeared in court Wednesday. They pleaded not guilty to allegedly conspiring to kill the child and his mother in an attempt to prevent them from testifying. 

On November 13, 2015, Taylor was working at Lusher Elementary School as a teacher's aide. He purportedly took the student from his class and forced him into another classroom where he abused him.

Evidence revealed Taylor's DNA was found on the boy's clothing and body. Investigators matched Taylor’s DNA to samples found on the student, confirming the worst.

Taylor faces three sodomy charges and has been in jail since November when the charges were first announced. Both men face charges of conspiracy to commit murder and witness tampering.

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According to Fox 8, Johnson did not become involved with the case until February. The 66-year-old reportedly hired a hitman after Taylor gave him the order to do so. 

Between February 7 and 26, Johnson decided to go along with the plan concocted while Taylor was behind bars. The duo wanted the mother and son dead to prevent them from making any further revelations.

Johnson was supposed to pay the hitman once the job was complete. Court documents indicate the accomplice made several payments to the hitman, but there is no indication of how many. 

Fox 59 reports charges were filed in 2018 despite the incident occurring in 2015. Before the November 2018 court appearance, Taylor was hired as a fifth-grade teacher working in the Ferguson-Florissant School District. The district learned of the case and fired him immediately.

The student, who is now 10 years old, attends another school. 

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