Supermom Tihisha Jones said today ain’t the day and pulled a man out of her car’s driver seat when she found him trying to steal it. 

According to ABC7NY, the Bronx mom auto-started her car while getting ready to take her son to school. Upon approaching the vehicle, Jones noticed a 19-year-old attempted car thief fiddling with the ignition. His efforts proved futile as auto-start still requires the key, which Jones had. 

In a witness-captured video of the incident, Jones approached the passenger door to confront Bernado Santiago, only for him to close it. Losing patience, Jones opened the driver’s door instead and yanked the young man out of it before pushing him to the ground and blocking his escape.

“I don’t think this is fair, that people to work hard for their things and for someone to just take their things away,” Jones said in a video. “I don’t think it’s fair.”

Jones kept Santiago in place until police arrived. 

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