A Trial Date Has Been Set For Ex-Cop Amber Guyger In The Killing Of Botham Jean

Guyger was charged with murder after killing Botham Jean in his Dallas apartment.

Image of Botham Jean, killed by former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger whose trial is set for August 12, 2019.
Photo Credit: Blavity / Facebook

| March 21 2019,

7:31 pm

Four months after a grand jury indicted Amber Guyger for killing Botham Jean in his apartment, the former police officer is headed to trial.

Dallas' NBC 5 reports the trial is set to begin August 12.

Guyger and her attorneys met with prosecutors Monday morning at Dallas' Frank Crowley Courts Building. During their meeting, both parties are believed to have discussed points of interest, evidence and other matters related to the case. Often, the content of these hearings is made public, but due to a gag order put in place earlier this year, neither party was able to speak publicly about what was discussed.

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It is known, however, that State District Judge Tammy Kemp approved the prosecution's subpoena request to review records from September 23 to March 4 during open court. Guyger may have been on a cruise during this time, the Dallas Morning News reports. It isn't yet known why the prosecution wants to see these records.

Guyger, a former Dallas police officer, was off-duty when she entered 26-year-old Botham Jean's apartment and shot him in the chest on September 6, 2018. Jean died of his wounds.

Guyger claims she entered Jean's apartment thinking it was hers; she lived in the same complex, but on a different floor. She also says the apartment door was open, but as Blavity reported, this has been disputed.

Guyger was initially arrested and charged with manslaughter on September 9, three days after the incident. On September 24, the officer was fired from her position after locals disputed a statement from the police department that claimed its policies did not allow her termination. In November, Guyger was charged by a grand jury with murder for the death of Jean, Blavity reported

Jean’s family is temporarily residing in Texas in anticipation of Guyger's trial. They are suing the former officer and the city of Dallas for the young man's death.

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