This, as I've learned, is old news, though I wasn't aware of it until now, thanks to the fact that it popped up on my Kerry Washington alerts this morning; so I'll assume that many of you aren't aware of it either, since we never did post it on S&A.

The short story goes… Tony Award winner Kristin Chenoweth has been developing a biopic on the late lesbian songstress Dusty Springfield for a couple of years now (Chenoweth would star as the singer), and she's set on Kerry Washington to play her lover in that upcoming film.

I'm not sure if it's common knowledge, but Dusty Springfield did have a relationship with an African American woman, and Kerry Washington is aware of Chenoweth's intent to cast her in the film, and Ms Washington has already agreed to do it.

This all came up again today, on a post on, in which Kerry was interviewed while doing press for her upcoming ABC series, Scandal (the Shonda Rhimes show); and in the interview, she was asked about the project.

She didn't have much to add, other than what's already been said; both actresses are keen on working together on the project… whenever (if) it actually happens.

Currently, it's still at the script stage, and according to Chenoweth in that same piece, the last draft of the script they had "needed a lot of work," and she has a Dolly Parton project that's taking up her time right now, so this Dustry Springfield film will have to wait until after that's done. However, she's anxious to do it, and with Kerry Washington.

No word on whether financing is in place yet, or who would direct, etc.

But this obviously won't be the first time Kerry has played a lesbian; although I don't have much to say about She Hate Me; no sir 🙂

Anywho… just thought I'd share this, and make it even more public. If you already knew about it, good for you; if you didn't, now you do.

It's a project that I now have on my alert list, so as it develops, I'll let you know about anything worth reporting.