Strong audience response, and critical acclaim to the Ashley Walters 4-part drama/thriller titled Top Boy, encouraged the UK's Channel 4 to order a second season, which will air in 2012.

And like what is now effectively season 1, season 2 will also comprise of 4 episodes.

The first 4 already aired in the UK, and, from a few reactions some of our UK readers sent to me, it's a solid piece of work, though its familiar *urban* themes of drugs, gangs and violence (but in a different setting) may turn off some Stateside, others said.

I've also heard/read comparisons made to The Wire.

For those not in the UK who really wanted to check out the series, you probably could've found some place online where it existed. If not, those in the USA will be glad to know that the first 4 episodes are now streaming on Netflix! So you could be watching it right now, if you have a Netflix streaming account. I'm watching it as I type this.

Thanks to Allison for the tip.

Those of you in the UK, if you missed Channel 4's broadcast of Top Boy, in late October/early November, you should know that all 4 episodes are available for viewing online via the channel's website HERE.

Ashley Walters continues to stay busy…

Watch the series teaser trailer below: