Actress Priscilla Shirer doesn’t identify as a Black woman.

Chuck Bernal, founder of Lifepointe Church, posted a clip of Shirer giving a sermon on his Facebook page, according to Faithwire. In the video, which has over 7.2 million views and has been shared 161,000 times, Shirer made a bold declaration.

“I do not describe myself as a Black woman because that gives too much power to my Blackness,” she told the audience. “I don’t want my race to be the describing adjective of who I am as a woman. I am not a Black woman. I am a Christian woman who happens to be Black.”

The War Room star believes her Christianity takes precedent over any other affiliation, and she encouraged other believers to adopt the same mindset.

“It’s the job of your adjective to describe the noun of who you are,” she continued. “If there’s gonna be an adjective describing me, it’s not gonna be my race, it’s going to be I’m a woman who believes in every single thing that my God has declared to be true. And I will stand firmly on the promises of His word because I will be girded in truth.”

Shirer also incorporated politics into her word. She believes Christians should vote according to Biblical values rather than party lines.

“So you may be a Black woman, a Black man, a white woman, a white man, but that should not define you,” she added. “So if your race or if your political group is going in a different direction than the Word of God, you don’t choose your Blackness or whiteness or whatever culture you are. You do not choose that or your political persuasion over what God declares to be true.”

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