Adidas has withdrawn its filing against the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.

According to CNN, the German sportswear company filed the complaint Monday to protect its well-known three-striped logo by blocking BLMGNF’s trademark application for a logo featuring three parallel stripes.

The company filed the complaint with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and argued the foundation’s logo design was “likely to cause confusion” between BLMGNF and Adidas. It added that the similar logos would “dilute the distinctiveness” of Adidas’ design, making consumers associating the design with Adidas less likely. It also asked the office to bar the foundation from using its three-stripe logo on any merchandise.

“Adidas will withdraw its opposition to the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation’s trademark application as soon as possible,” the brand’s spokesperson said in a statement, CNN reported.

Reuters reported that the brand rescinded the complaint without prejudice, meaning it could later oppose the trademark on the same grounds.

Adidas adopted its three-striped logo more than seven decades ago, in 1952. Since then, it’s appeared on a wide array of products made by the brand, including apparel, footwear and accessories.

BLMGNF submitted its trademark application in November 2020. If the organization gets the green light, it’ll bring on a yellow three-stripe logo that it can use on all its products, including clothing, bags, bracelets, mugs and more.

It’s been a rough couple of months for Adidas, which is allegedly struggling financially since severing ties with Kanye West over his antisemitic comments. The brand also lost another lucrative celebrity collaboration, as Blavity covered — Beyoncé has ended her partnership with Adidas and intends to take complete control over her athleisure brand, Ivy Park. Their contract will expire at the end of the year.