We've all had a lot more time at home this year, causing many of us to pick up a new skill or hobby like painting, playing the guitar or knitting.

But one fifth-grader in Pennsylvania is turning her new hobby into a full-time business. 

London Warrick decided to bake a cake in honor of Mother's Day because she'd just started baking and was excited to make her own cake, she told local news outlet WPVI.

"I started baking in May for Mother's Day. I made a whole cake and I sliced it and I delivered it to mothers to make them happy," the 11-year-old from Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, told the news outlet. "When I got back home, they were asking for whole cakes." 

Tramaine Warrick, London's mom, explained that when they got home, people began contacting the family for more of the cake.

Tramaine was astonished at the outpour of people who wanted to order a cake from her daughter.

"I explained to them that London is 11 and they said, 'We don't care. We just want a cake!' From there so many people we didn't know were finding out from other people, and they just started to ask us to order cakes," she said. 

That is how her burgeoning cake business began, which she now calls Lovely London Delights. She's already sold 200 cakes. 

The young baker explained she does most of the baking on the weekends. However, she particularly loves her math classes at Upper Moreland Intermediate School and has already thought about the colleges she's hoping to attend. 

London already has secret ingredients and signature cakes that keep people coming back. 

Her Bundt cake is her specialty due to the two secret ingredients she includes in the delectable dish. 

Some of the money she makes from the cake business goes to support an organization called Gift of Life in honor of her grandfather, who had lung disease.

If you're in Pennsylvania, head over to the Instagram page for Lovely London Delights to get your cake!