Jade Cargill is one of AEW‘s brightest shining stars. After only being in the professional wrestling business for two years, she has amassed an unprecedented winning streak in the business. At the time of reporting, she has gone over 500 days without a loss. Now, Jade is more determined than ever to leave her mark.

Blavity had the opportunity to speak with the current TBS champion about her rise in the business, goals and impact. Check out our conversation below with AEW’s Jade Cargill.

On Getting Into The Business

I really got into the business through a friend of mine who was really passionate about getting started. It led me to meeting  “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry. He saw something in me early on and helped get me started with my pro-wrestling training. I’ve been putting in the time ever since, and it’s paying off.

Her Earliest Memories Of Pro-Wrestling

The Attitude Era in the Late ’90s had a profound impact on me. My brother and I watched every week and then practiced moves on each other. There was an energy during that period for the business that I really hope to have a part in bringing back. Every week felt like must-see TV. That feeling is one of the most important aspects of our business.

On Her Influences


Spencer Platt/Newsmakers

Chyna had such a huge influence on me. Her stature, physique and how much it was positively accepted resonated with me a ton. I know I am unique in my own right, so being able to feel seen helped give me the confidence to get started in wrestling.

I also loved that she was seen as equal to the men onscreen. She was always mixing it up with them and had the respect of everyone. I think that’s a lane that I’m continuing to carve out as well.

On Who Has Played A Role In Her Growth


Leon Bennett/Getty Images for Warner Bros. Discovery

The talent at AEW have been so gracious with me. The trainers are tough, patient and thorough. William Regal, Bryan Danielson, Dustin Rhodes, and Mark Henry all have their hands on a lot of the good that you see in me. In the ring, they were all masters at their craft, I’m fortunate to have these guys as resources. It’s all a team effort that’s headed by a great leader who listens, in Tony Khan.

On The Origins Of The "Baddies Section"

All Elite Wrestling

It’s been an organic build with the “Baddies Section.” What started as just a section of attractive ladies in our audience, grew into a faction with Kiera Hogan and Red Velvet.

The initial idea was really to bring the ladies out to the shows. The crowd is so male-dominated, and I knew that there were women who watch and support pro wrestling. So this was just my way to help them be seen and hopefully get more ladies excited about the product.

Her Business Acumen


Well first and foremost, I study people who have been in this industry for a long time. This is a physical display that we take part in multiple days per week. There’s no way that this can last forever. So I have to seek and have multiple streams of income.

Whether it’s Savage X Fenty, or a fitness magazine, or a supplement brand, I try to collaborate with what feels most natural for me.

One of the biggest reasons I joined AEW instead of other promotions was that the talent here have the ability to find other opportunities for ourselves to continue to cross promote our brands and build personal revenue. So if I claim to be the baddest, and a boss, then I have to exude that in the ring, and most definitely outside of it as well.

On Her Jamaican Heritage

I’m so proud of my Jamaican roots as my father is from the island. I love being able to represent them every chance that I get. It’s not often that people even know that fun fact about me.

This Or That?

Blavity thought it would be fun to play a game of “This or That” with Jade with a focus on Jamaican culture, check it out!

Dumplings or Banana?

Dumplings! My grandfather loved to make them.

Beef Patty or Meatloaf?

Beef Patty

Bake and Saltfish or Ackee and Saltfish?

Ackee and Saltfish

DG or Ting?

DG of course, Jamaican Kola!

Lastly, Vybz Kartel, or Dexta Daps?

Vybz! But also, I have to show love to some of the ladies, too. I love Spice, Koffee and Shenseea. They definitely put on for us.

Watch Jade Cargill continue to dominate and defend her undefeated streak on All Elite Wrestling Every Wednesday and Friday night on TBS and TNT, respectively.