Update: More HBCU students will be receiving another helping hand thanks to Beyoncé. On Monday, Google announced it'd be matching Bey's pledge of $100,000 in scholarship money to students at Tuskegee University, Bethune-Cookman University, Xavier University of Louisiana and Wilberforce University for the 2018-2019 academic year. The pledge was made via the BeyGOOD iniative's new Homecoming Scholars Award Program. Monday's announcement followed Bey's second weekend performing at Coachella. In a statement sent to Blavity, Google's charity department Google.org said it understands the significance of HBCUs.

"Google understands the vital role historically black colleges and universities play in delivering a high quality and culturally responsive education," Maab Ibrahim, a Google.org program manager stated. "In the last several years, Google has launched innovative programs to close the distance between Silicon Valley and HBCUs; we are proud to continue that commitment by matching Beyoncé's generous donation."

Original story: Have y'all come down from that Beychella high yet? Well, get ready for another round of praise for Queen Bey, for going above and beyond just paying homage to HBCU culture, but also putting her money where her mouth is!

According to Bey's official site, the BeyGOOD initiative announced its new Homecoming Scholars Award Program. Bey has pledged $100,000 in scholarship money that will be split in four, and given to one student from each of the following schools: Tuskegee University, Bethune-Cookman University, Xavier University of Louisiana and Wilberforce University. The money will be awarded for the 2018-2019 school year.

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"We salute the rich legacy of Historically Black Colleges and Universities," said Ivy McGregor, Director of Philanthropy and Corporate Relations at Parkwood Entertainment, which houses BeyGOOD. "We honor all institutions of higher learning for maintaining culture and creating environments for optimal learning which expands dreams and the seas of possibilities for students."

The Homecoming Scholars Award Program is a follow-up to Formation Scholars Awards Program, which was specifically awarded to female college students. The HBCU program will be awarded to a student regardless of gender. 

To be eligible, students must be studying literature, creative arts, African American studies, science, education, business, communications, social sciences, computer science or engineering, and have at least a 3.5 GPA.

Award winners will be announced this summer. 

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