Ahmaud Arbery’s sister, Jasmine Arbery, is celebrating her success after graduating with her master’s degree from Albany State University.  

“Whew! A journey is not great unless you find what you seek,” she wrote in a post on her Instagram page. “My journey was filled with many challenges that included working two jobs, a natural disaster, the tragic loss of my brother, a pandemic, giving birth, anxiety, grief and issues with my financial aid.

"But I am proud to say those challenges equal the factors that will make me an excellent therapist. I have the opportunity to offer support based on real life experiences. In just a few days I will be graduating with a Master’s degree specializing in Clinical Mental Health Counseling! 🖤 I ooze #BlackGirlMagic,” she continued.

The recent grad also received her bachelor's degree in psychology from the university and was recognized for having the highest GPA in the department, according to the Georgia NAACP.