Aide To Senator Kamala Harris Resigns After $400,000 Sexual Harassment Settlement

Wallace was the director of law enforcement who reported to Harris.

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| December 10 2018,

3:04 pm

One of Senator Kamala Harris’ senior advisers resigned from his position after information surrounding a $400,000 sexual harassment settlement became public on Wednesday.

The Sacramento Bee published a story on a settlement Larry Wallace received from his time working at California’s Department of Justice in 2016.  

According to the Bee, Wallace was the director of law enforcement who reported to Harris, who was attorney general of California at the time.

Harris’ office confirmed Wallace’s resignation although it was not clear about him receiving a settlement.

To compound matters, Harris has been a vocal supporter of the #MeToo movement.

The #MeToo movement centers on women’s rights and dismantling the patriarchal aspects of various industries that subjugate women and hinder them from receiving the same fair treatment of their male counterparts.

In June, Harris helped create a bill that would hinder workplace harassment, making the circumstances leading to Wallace’s departure from her office conspicuous.  

Harris was emphatic in discussing the impact of the bill: “The culture of fear and silence created by perpetrators of sexual harassment in the workplace has existed for far too long and must come to an end. It’s time to address the gaps in our laws that allow this misconduct to go unpunished and keep it in the shadows.”

Harris made headlines earlier this week when she discussed spending the holiday season to mull over her potential candidacy for the 2020 presidency.

The daughter of Jamaican and Indian immigrants, Harris has no shortage of confidence and continues to persevere in spite of opposition from Republicans and other critics. The Oakland native has received a great deal of support nationwide for her critique of the Trump administration and a fight for women’s rights.

Harris’ political future as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee is in flux following November’s midterm elections. As the least senior senator, her seat is not guaranteed since Republicans won more seats in the Senate.

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