Andrew Gillum Meets With Barack Obama, Propelling Speculation Of 2020 Presidential Run

Andrew Gillum 2020?

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| December 07 2018,

1:35 pm

Andrew Gillum 2020?

The Florida Democrat is stirring speculation after meeting with Barack Obama on Tuesday, reports CNN. Gillum was in Washington, D.C., to speak at the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights when he met the former president. According to the Daily Mail, Obama has been meeting with several candidates in the past month who may be interested in running for president in 2020, including Congressman Beto O'Rourke and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Gillum, who lost the Florida governor’s race against Republican Ron DeSantis, would have been Florida's first Black governor. During his candidacy, Obama endorsed the former Tallahassee mayor, calling him a “proven fighter,” which he shared on Twitter.

“I plan on being married to my wife. That is all I am planning,” he said.

“What I am committed to doing between now and 2020 is doing everything I can to make the state of Florida available and winnable for the Democratic nominee for president,” he added.

Fingers crossed, fam!

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