Everyone is familiar with Jeopardy host Alex Trebek. His long tenure on the trivia game show has made him an iconic figure and household name.

However, in a new interview with Harvey Levin of TMZ fame, Trebek revealed how his afro, deep tan and mustache made him an honorary brother. In the 1980s, the United Negro College Fund approached him to join. He told Levin, who wondered how the two entities came together.  

"I ran into Gregory Hines, the dancer. Someone came up to me after and said 'I saw you and your brother talking over there," he recalled. 

The Canadian-American game show host talked about his infamous fro and tan.

"I'm out there in the Afro-American community as a brotha," he said as he threw his fists up.

This might be the first time anyone has heard this, and, of course, Twitter was confused.  

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Just like that Trebek was the butt of all the Twitter jokes. 


— Cmo Goodie (@CmoGoodie) July 27, 2018

He really tried it y'all.

Photo: Giphy

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