Great-grandmother Alice Marie Johnson, who was recently freed from prison after 21 years, has a critical message to relay now that she's home.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Johnson, 63, expressed her gratitude to President Donald Trump who recently commuted her sentence. 

"I’d like to tell President Trump that I am so grateful for everything that you’ve done for me and my family," she said. "This moment right now is happening because President Trump had mercy on me."

Johnson also added that she hopes Trump will remember other people who are part of the population serving time from overly harsh and systemic sentencing practices:

"I'd like to tell him that, please, please remember us, the others who have been left behind because there are so many like me who need to have an opportunity, the opportunity that I’ve had."

Reality star Kim Kardashian West notably took an interest in Johnson's case following a report and video about her story published by Mic. Many advocates like Topeka K. Sam, founder of The Ladies of Hope Ministries, have been pushing for Johnson's release for years. 

Johnson was serving a life sentence without parole for a first-time nonviolent drug offense. She was imprisoned for her involvement in a drug conspiracy after she lost her job and struggled to support her family financially. 

West had been in communication with Jared Kushner and the Trump administration to urge the president to grant clemency to Johnson for months. Trump commuted Johnson's sentence a week after a meeting regarding the great-grandmother with West.

Johnson told Good Morning America that she and West had a "heart connection." She added she has "overpaid" her debt to society, but now she is just happy to be home.

"I feel that I have not only paid my debt, but I’ve overpaid my debt for the crime that I committed," she said. "I’m not bitter about it. I’m just happy that it has come to an end."