The meme, in itself, is an art form that has been developing on timelines, and in online forums before that, for decades. The perfect image, caption combination can literally bring tears to the eyes of those that truly appreciate the value of a great meme. And it seems like the innovators of the medium never run out of ideas. Every day, there is a brand new meme to discover being repurposed and repackaged for the purpose of bringing joy and everlasting entertainment to all citizens of the world wide web. 

Artist Alim Smith is clearly one of those individuals who respects and pays reverence to the meme and the validity of its impact on the culture. And in utter celebration of some of our very favorite memes of all time, he put his skills to use and made masterpieces. 

We can show you better than we can tell you.

Alim created these works in the name of what he has dubbed 'Black Meme History Month.' And who could really disagree with him after seeing the amazing content that has come from his genius? The world is now a better place with this abstract works of meme art in it. I love black people. Check out the rest of his work here.