When earning the coveted title of national champions, a trip to the White House is the standard protocol. Sharing a moment of glory with the president of the United States and fellow teammates is the cherry on top of a hard-fought victory.

The Clemson University Tigers defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide in the College Football Playoffs Championship game 44-16 on January 7. Shortly after, an invitation to the White House was extended to head coach Dabo Swinney and his team. With the ongoing government shutdown, President Donald Trump promised to finance the victory meal the White House would serve. What he delivered, however, was a dollar menu disaster.

The student-athletes trekked to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on Monday and were treated to an "American fast food" spread, which included an assortment of burgers from McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King. French fries and side salads accompanied the entrees, and an array of Domino's pizzas completed the menu. 

Twitter delivered a proper roasting to the celebrity-in-chief for his anything but appetizing display:

One Clemson player thought Trump's earlier admission to serve them fast food "was a joke."

The following morning, the president fired off a self-congratulatory tweet from his personal Twitter account. It had a glaring spelling error, which incited even more humor at his expense. 

Trump tweeted that because of the shutdown he served them "massive amounts of fast food, over 1000 hamberders."

Burger King even got in on the joke, posting a playful tweet of its own.

Many celebrities have stepped up to give the national champions an actual game-winning celebration, without a single filet-o-fish in sight.

Rapper Quavo offered to host the team at the Quality Control headquarters in Atlanta and celebrate their accomplishment "The Stir Fry Way."

Former NFL football player and Good Morning America host Michael Strahan did the same, opting to welcome the team to New York for some lobster and caviar.

Celebrity chef and restaurateur Ayesha Curry promised to feed the Clemson roster a real meal, void of any "10-cent dipping sauces."
While Trump's ineffective attempt at serving a humble spread generated plenty of wisecracks to last through his first term in office, former NFL running back Reggie Bush was less than enthused with the president's publicity stunt and called the entire charade a "huge slap in the face."

No word yet if Dabo Swinney and company intend to accept one of the offers from Strahan, Quavo or Curry.

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