Kansas City Chiefs guard Jeff Allen gifted a homeless man with AFC championship game tickets for helping him get his car out of the snow before a game.

KHSB 41 reported the man, identified as Dave Cochran, didn't realize Allen was a Chiefs player. Dave was responsible for getting the 29-year-old to his playoff game against the Colts on Saturday.

“After I got done helping him, he told me he was a Chiefs player,” Dave said. “I didn’t look at him as no Chiefs player. I just looked at him as a normal person. I would hope that he’d do the same for me as I did for him.”

Allen took to Twitter where he shared he wanted to gift Dave with tickets to the playoff game but did not have a way of contacting him. 

"My car got stuck in the snow before the game & a nice guy named Dave help pull me out without knowing I was a player," he wrote. "I want to give him tickets to the AFC championship game for helping but don’t have a way to contact him. He drove a 97 or 98 Black Suburban. Pls RT #ChiefsKingdom"

According to the Kansas City Star, Cochran was finally found by the father and husband after several people came forward hoping to impersonate the good Samaritan. Cochran, who has suffered from a troubled past, has an autistic son whom he hopes to see again. A GoFundMe page was started on his behalf in hopes of helping him secure shelter. 

Allen let everyone know he had found Cochran, "despite the recent influx in people changing their name to Dave in the KC area."

"Update: Despite the recent influx in people changing their name to Dave in the KC area lol, I was actually able to track down the Dave that helped me thanks to the power of social media and #ChiefsKindgom. Thanks for your kindness," he tweeted.

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