At the Triple S Food Mart where Alton Sterling was brutally shot and killed, a mural has been painted in his honor

Outside the market where Alton Sterling was shot by police a street artist paints his image on the store.

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One of Sterling's sons looks at his dad's picture beneath the mural.

One of Alton Sterling's sons looks at his father's photo and the artist drawing on the spot where Sterling died. A video posted by Martin Savidge (@martinsavidge) on

The mural's artist is Jo Hines, who held Sterling's photo in his left hand while spray painting his likeness with his right hand.

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“It means a lot. He was a part of the Triple S family,” said Abdullah Muflahi, the owner of the Triple S Mart. He's now happy to have his friend of six years memorialized in this way

“He had a huge heart. He was very nice, always smiling, laughing, always talking to customers. He was a very good person," Muflahi added

Sterling's memory is also being honored by a scholarship fund writer/producer Issa Rae set up for his children.

The fund's goal was $40,000, but donations quickly exceeded that.

The community also pulled together to raise funds for Philando Castile's family as well, led by director/filmmaker Xavier Burgin.

It too exceeded it's goal.

It helps to see the community pull together to honor those we've tragically lost, yet many of us feel helpless and depressed in moments so disheartening as the ones we are experiencing now. For more information on how you can help, here are ways to get involved and promote change beyond our social media outlets


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