Wypipo are crying white tears after an alt-right defender shared a video on Twitter posing questions to Amazon's robotic host Alexa about race and gender. Apparently Alexa is a feminist and supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. After hearing her response, white people can barely contain themselves, but we're over here like...


Amazon Echo and Alexa was released in the fall and was received with mostly positive reviews for its design and performance. However, it looks like one particular customer was not so excited about Alexa's political views. He obviously didn't want to hear Alexa's opinion, considering it wasn't the same as his, but the digital assistant dropped some major keys in her responses about race, gender and feminism.

The same user was also not satisfied with Alexa's response to his question about the number of genders that exist.

Besides him being super salty about this, we also need to know where his friends are because he is having full conversations with a robot and we don't think it's healthy. If it's any consolation to him, it seems he's not alone in trying to make friends with Alexa and asking questions to which he doesn't really want the answers.

While they take out their racist frustrations on social media, we'll be heading to Amazon to place a couple of these in our shopping cart for holiday gifts.