“Are we where we should be? Are we doing what we should be doing? Everybody wonders these things … even celebrities,” says Randy Jackson in reference to his forthcoming reality series, Aptitude Test.

Recently greenlit by VH1, the American Idol judge’s new show will feature celebs who retake their high school career aptitude tests to determine their “rightful calling.”

After the test, each celebrity will then don a disguise and undergo on-the-job training before revealing their true identity to their boss and co-workers.

“The show is a fun look at what could have been,” says Jackson, who executive produces along with Abe Hoch, Harriet Sternberg, Joel A. Morgan, Nick Emmerson, Alex Demyanenko and Jennifer O’Connell.

The hour-long Aptitude Test, from Jackson and Shed Media, is set to premiere next year.