Amiiiri and Triiinity Tafari talk Femininity, Sacred Soul Yoga and Free Spiiirit

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| March 18 2016,

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Day 11: Eagle Pose | #Garudasana . {Target Chakra: 3rd Eye 🔮} . It is so important to keep your 3rd eye open and in optimal health. Seeing what is unseen, the 3rd eye corresponds to the pineal gland which is the seat of the soul. Tuned into your soul's inner knowledge, when in proper health the 3rd eye grants insight & perception beyond the physical realm. Once you gain your balance, get meditative in your eagle pose. Go inside of yourself to your quiet place. Visualize your 3rd eye opening. Feel your connection to your higher self. Trust the insight that lies within. Be sure to show equal attention to each leg. And enjoy being precariously perched on the edge of the cosmos 💫 . Join us, join us in our #yogachallenge seeking Mind|Body|Spiiirit synergy with the Universal energy! Just tag #freespiiirittribe, tag & follow @triiinitytafari & I and our sponsors @freespiiirit @harakati_la @zialife @ashleysnaturals in your daily pose photos. We're reposting spiiirits all month long & giving away an awesome prize package! Outfit 🌸: @zialife SoulBeads 🔮: @freespiiirit A photo posted by ॐ✡Spiiirit Warrior✡ॐ (@amiiiritafari) on

Forever lifting me up, the best thing in life, to hold on to, is each other. #twinflame

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