Gina Rodriguez is no stranger to controversy. During a Tuesday appearance on Sway in the Morning in which she attempted to end one dispute, the Jane the Virgin star became embroiled in another. 

Rodriguez spent time addressing allegations that she's anti-Black. As HuffPost notes, the claims arose after the actress spoke about how much women are paid during a 2018 interview.

“I get so petrified ... talking about equal pay, especially when you look at the intersectional aspect of it,” she said. “White women get paid more than Black women, and Black women get paid more than Asian women, Asian women get paid more than Latina women, and it’s like a very scary space to step into.”

The star's comments were quickly slammed.

When asked on Tuesday about the online response from Black women, who felt Rodriguez's comparison was unjust, the actress broke down in tears.

"I always find it difficult to talk about equal pay as a woman who makes a substantial amount of money," Rodriguez told Sway. "As somebody who came from poverty to now the amount of money that I get paid, it doesn’t feel right that I’m the one talking about it because I’m so damn grateful."

Few seemed to find fault with that sentiment. What she said afterward, though, triggered some nerves.

"The Black community was the only community I looked towards growing up. We didn’t have many Latino shows and the Black community made me feel like I was seen, so to get 'anti-Black' is to say I’m anti-family. My father is dark-skinned. He is Afro-Latino … It's in my blood. So it was really devastating to me."

Twitter users were quick to question Rodriguez's words and motives, with some posting photos of her father.

Wayment! This is Gina Rodriguez’ “darkskinned” dad.

— Ching-A-Ling (@aieshaarab) January 23, 2019

the fact that Gina Rodriguez said her dad was Afro-Latino and then said she wasn’t black, then said she was black, and then said her daddy was dark skin shows how ignorant she is about how anti-blackness/blackness functions

— Golden (@mylessgolden) January 23, 2019

Just saw Gina Rodriguez’ supposedly “dark skin” dad

— safia (@skinniar) January 23, 2019

Gina rodriguez: “Yes, because my father is dark skin.....”

Black Twitter: “Your dad is not dark skin sweetie”

Gina rodriguez: HEEE AINNTTTT?

— MakeupGeek❤ (@_blackaida) January 23, 2019

Can someone tell Gina Rodriguez to keep black women from out of her mouth?

— KimmyJan (@Johnny__Wadd) January 23, 2019

Gina Rodriguez's dad probably DOES have notable African ancestry and looking at her she OBVIOUSLY has one in the wood pile, but the real issue is African ancestry isn't a trap card you play when you're cornered.

— Just a lexis (@Lexi_Caly) January 23, 2019

While on the morning show, Rodriguez promised her production company, I Can I Will, has the best interests of all people of color in mind. She said she plans to continuously work to promote and produce content that will allow the minority community to understand from where she is coming.

Watch the full interview below:

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