Thank you for reading this post! 

That's how you start off being grateful. Do you know how powerful it is when you bless everything around you? As an African American female I've learned to appreciate my mind, body and soul so much. Growing up there was always the myth that if you were light skinned, you were considered pretty, and if your skin was darker, then no one would even look at you. It wasn't that way for me.

Yes, I am a light-skinned female, but I saw other flaws in me that went beyond my skin complexion. My nose is big, I'm skinny, I have way too much hair on my body, but most importantly, I always felt that I was never good enough for anybody. The appreciation that you have for yourself can radiate and start a fire from within. There are things that we struggle with mentally, physically and emotionally. On top of that, we are a minority. Black Kings and Queens, appreciate your body and mind. Stop telling yourself the things that you don't like about yourself. What do you love about yourself? 

What I do is take a long stare at myself and begin to go over everything that I'm grateful for, and what I appreciate about myself. I can't progress if I keep looking and speaking on the negative things going on in my life. Learn to appreciate what you have! Love your flaws, love your scars and love your marks. The power of gratitude can truly bring out so much happiness that you have been dying to meet. You are literally blessing and showing appreciation for everything around you. Show more appreciation to your thoughts and your feelings!