I call you by your government name because I referred to you as Meek when I was a fan. Seeing as how that’s no longer the case, Robert it is. I’ve had a few days to simmer over your latest Instagram tirade and have decided that you’ve taken things too far this time.

In case you missed it, take a moment to read a synopsis of Wale’s Breakfast Club interview and Robert’s subsequent response:

Wale: “It’s not a good look [the beef with Drake]. Not a good thing you’re doing. I called him several times…I don’t know what’s going on…when he did that I just thought ‘somebody might be off the drink’…I honestly think he brought a pencil to a gun fight…It doesn’t matter what he [Robert] made, he could have wrote ether 3.0  and the people would still say ‘that boy from Canada waxed him’.”

Wale went on to discuss the pull Drake has and how that affects the public’s perception of him.

“It’s not a fair battle. Drake is nice…Drake is dope… but Drake could say ‘I went to the bathroom I gotta pee’ and n****s would be like ‘dammnnnn this n**** said he had to pee! What?!’…I do respect that Drake never called this dude the B word, he never said eff you. He [Drake] did a great job but at the same time I can’t knock Meek at all…I don’t like how people try to make Meek look like a punching bag…ESPN College Game day was like ‘don’t listen to Meek Mill’ and I’m like why? Cuz you know dagone well if he come in here doing a press run ya’ll gonna be all in his face.”

Wale then went on to say that he was willing to go in the studio with Robert and give him vibes while he wrote a response record but Robert wouldn’t call him back. Here’s Robert’s response via Instagram:

“N****s be doing all this to drop a new record gossiping about they hoe ass feelings and they personal life because they miserable and nobody don’t rock with them! Really stay away from me Fam! U not MMG NOMORE! This is why u can’t get my number you a hoe! U dead cracked right now @wale foh nuttttt! I wasn’t even mad at you Fam u got some real issues with yaself and you jealous! Broke rapper! This my last time I think addressing sh*t on the internet…but if I don’t talk about it one of you dudes gone get hurt speaking my name like its sweet! Yall n****s gone stop mentioning my name like it aint no consequences…I’m off this internet! I don’t speak on MMG in interviews unless its good! U a clown… we don’t wanna hear you nomore fam! Go jump off a roof like u been truna do chump! He not MMG IM MAKKING THAT CALL…he been tryna call me saying Rozya owe us money…he don’t owe me shit and if he do I’ll get it later… Go that away!”

First off, Robert, you’re no stranger to internet fighting. From calling Wale out last year for not tweeting about your album to accusing Drake of not writing his own bars, you often take out your aggression on the keyboard. After the web ethered you with countless memes and gifs following Drake’s “Back to Back” annihilation of your being, we’re not sure why you haven’t yet learned your lesson and why you continue to make a fool of yourself. You’re a grown man, free to make your own decisions. Being the HBOI (Head Bully of the Interwebs) is a crown you can proudly wear if you so choose.

And since you, HBOI, have taken the liberty to publicly proclaim your petty, I have decided to take it upon myself to borrow your train pass for the Petty Express and address some of your more trivial comments first. Let’s start off with your proclaiming Wale is no longer MMG. How did you feel when Rick Ross, the CEO of the aforementioned label, took to Twitter and posted, “Tonight @wale tore down as @djkhaled would say “Another One” !!! Never question THE EMPIRE#MMG”? I don’t want to point out the obvious but…he was talking to you. Never question the MMG empire, Robert, because the only checks you (might be) cutting are to the Dream Chasers artists. I’ll let someone else clarify who those artists are and what kind of numbers they’re doing, we don’t have enough time in this letter.

You said Wale is “jealous” and a “broke rapper.” What exactly is Wale jealous of? You getting “bodied by a singing n****?” You getting blasted at the OVO concert with a five-minute video full of memes sharing what the internet really thinks about you?

Next order of business: “this the last time I think addressing sh*t on the internet.” Robert, how many times do we, and the comments section of all your hating IG posts, have to ask you to be quiet? We’ve been waiting for you to stop yelling both on tracks AND on the internet. It’s about time you made this decision, so bravo.

I will hop off the Petty Express at this stop because there are definitely more serious issues to discuss…

Robert Rihmeek, there are so many levels of wtf to your post, the most problematic level being your flippant and disrespectful attitude toward suicide and mental health issues. Where do you get off telling your former friend to jump off a roof? Let’s begin with the fact that despite everything, you and Wale used to be boys. You BOTH are signed to MMG and have been consistent features on each other’s projects over the years. Beyond that fact, you are a rapper with millions of followers, many of whom are impressionable youth that admire you, interestingly enough. No one’s asking you to be a saint or even suggesting that you should be a role model, but your casual and indifferent attitude toward mental health and suicide is appalling. It’s actually a disgrace to everyone but especially the black community.

Not sure if you’re aware but mental health and suicide are serious issues across the board but specifically among African Americans. During your since-deleted Instagram rant, you said that Wale was “gossiping about [his] hoe ass feelings and personal life because [he’s] miserable and nobody don’t rock wit [him].” I’m sorry, but when did talking about your feelings and personal life become grounds for a verbal attack? What exactly are “hoe ass feelings?”

Wale is honestly a grossly underrated champion. Putting his progressive, thoughtful and insightful albums aside (because that could be an entirely different piece on its own), Wale has openly discussed his battles with mental health. During interviews he has talked about dealing with depression, substance abuse, feelings of inferiority and diminished self-confidence. Sorry Robert, these aren’t “hoe ass” feelings and talking about them doesn’t make him weak at all. How dare you try to publicly berate a man for doing something so many of our own people are SCARED to do?

The Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health confirms that African Americans are 20 percent more likely to experience serious mental health issues than the general population. Does this surprise you? I’m sure it does because despite this fact, African Americans are significantly less likely to seek mental health services. Do you know why this is the case? Because of statements like yours. Many of us were taught to “be strong” and “never let them see you sweat” because in the African American community mental health issues are often seen as weaknesses. Let these facts sink in Robert:

  • 63 percent of African Americans believe that depression is a personal weakness
  • Only 31 percent of African Americans believe that depression is a “health problem.”
  • African Americans are more likely to believe that depression is “normal”

Can you now start to see why your comments are problematic? Can you comprehend the gravity and seriousness of your attempt to create a thug filter for IG?

African Americans are more likely to fall victim to these mental health issues largely because of poverty, post-traumatic stress disorder and violence — factors of life that you often address in your music. Could it be the case that you yourself have dealt with mental health issues at any point in your life? Probably so Robert, and probably so for some of the millions of kids who identify with your story and listen to your music.

Do you realize that although African Americans are less likely to die from suicide, black teenagers are more likely to attempt suicide than their white counterparts? Think about that. The most frequent consumers of your music are MORE LIKELY to take their own lives and here you are telling someone to “go jump off a roof” — condoning and encouraging someone to succumb to the battles of mental illness.

Even worse is that feelings of denial, embarrassment, fear and hopelessness are several of the reasons African Americans refuse to seek treatment for their mental health. These feelings are brought on by comments like yours that create the stigma in the first place. Mental health maintenance is just as important and normal as physical health maintenance. Your brain is arguably the most vital part of you, so yes, it’s critical to make sure you’re taking care of it.

I don’t mean to lecture you (who am I kidding, yes I do) but it’s important for us to teach each other. When you know better, hopefully you’ll do better. All shade aside, I do hope that you take into serious consideration the things I’ve talked about. Whether you like it or not, your name carries influence. Influence that shouldn’t be used to encourage self-harm. Especially in this day and age. If we don’t protect each other, who will?



Lee Carrie is a 24-year-old living in Harlem by way of the great state of Maryland. She enjoys music, Chipotle, a good margarita and the endless offerings of Netflix. You can find her on Twitter @Lee_Carrie.

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