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7 Ways To Deal With Professional Rejection

"Will you control your rejections, or will you let your rejections control you?"
Keisha Mabry
 • 3 months ago

LA City Council To Pay Almost $300,000 To Settle Case Of Wakiesha Wilson, Who Died In LAPD Cell

Wilson's body was found on Easter Sunday in 2016.
Blavity Team
 • 4 months ago

I'm A Flower Boy! Why The Pressure To Conform Is Real

"My relationships were formed based on a desire for external validation."
Jourdan Christopher
 • 4 months ago

With Self Care At The Forefront Of Black Mental Health, This Initiative Helps You Be Your Best In 14 Days

It's the holiday season, but remember you come first.
 • 5 months ago

5 Tips To Help You Manage Your Mental Health During The Holidays

"You may have SAD if you felt depressed during the last two winters, but felt much better in spring and summer."
T-Kea Blackman
 • 6 months ago

How Oversharing Is Messing Up Your Mental

"Boundary" is not a bad word.
Danni Roseman
 • 6 months ago

How Solange At Radio City Music Hall Helped Me Find Something That Was Already There

"Self-care for me, now, is a daily activity."
 • 8 months ago

Talib Kweli Pays Beautiful Tribute To Domestic Abuse Victim In His New Song "She's My Hero"

Kweli said that Bresha Meadows reminds him of his own daughter.
Blavity Team
 • 8 months ago

Five Self-Care Tips For The Social Justice Warrior

You can't fight if your tank is empty.
Melba V. Pearson-Mecham
 • 8 months ago

10 Things I Use To Improve My Mental Health

Healing is not linear.
Patrice Udeh
 • 9 months ago

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