Despite the two making beautiful music together and Angie Stone being the muse for D’Angelo’s Brown Sugar alum, she says chances of them working together again are slim. Stone has been vocal about her past with the soul singer.

The two had a lengthy romantic relationship in the 90s and had a son. But Stone says D’Angelo doesn’t like to share the spotlight and has an ego, which she also says is why his career hit a standstill.

Stone recently sat for an interview with Vlad TV and opened up about the magic she and D’Angelo created. She says he’ll never give her credit for her contributions, and they probably won’t work together again. 

“Let me tell you something, and I’m being 100, he would be a lot further here today, and I’m not discrediting him,” Stone said. “Don’t misunderstand me, but because of the powers that be, everybody and they momma wish Angie Stone and D’Angelo would get back together and work again. I’ve heard it a million times.”

She added, “His pride as a man would not allow of him to do that because he doesn’t want to share the credit. He doesn’t want it to look like, ‘What if I get with her and we win? Then it’s going to look like she did it.’ I mean the writings on the wall, but if you want to roll like that, I’m not mad at you, but that’s not my spirit.

She said they have a winning element that was only given to them my God.

“My spirit is we have a winning element God gave us that,” she said. “You didn’t give me that. God gave us that, and what you should do, if nothing else, is put your difference aside. You have children and say, let’s get in the studio and work on our God-given craft, but his pride would not allow him to go there, and it’s sad, but the industry created that energy, and because they created it, they have to now suffer, and wait for the kind of music that we created. It would never happen because that we factor isn’t there.”

Stone and D’Angelo’s son, Swayvo Twain, released his own version of his soul singer’s 1995 song “S**t, D**n, Motherf****r.”