nullAnthony Mackie has joined Octavia Spencer to co-star alongside Kevin Costner in a drama titled Black And White, for IM Global.

Written and directed by and actor Mike Binder, the film, which Costner is co-producing with Binder and Todd Lewis, centers on Elliot Anderson (Costner) an attorney widowed after his wife dies in a car crash, and who also is raising his bi-racial granddaughter Eloise, since his daughter died in childbirth. As he struggles with his grief, Elliot’s world is turned upside-down when the child’s African American grandmother Rowena (played by Octavia Spencer) demands that Eloise be brought under the care of her African American father Reggie, a drug addict who Elliot blames for the negligence that led to the death of his own daughter. Elliot finds himself deeply entrenched in a custody battle and will stop at nothing to keep his granddaughter from coming under the watch of his reckless son-in-law. 

It hasn’t been officially confirmed, but I’d assume that Mackie has signed up to play Eloise’s African American father, Reggie, as described above. Although I don’t think Spencer and Mackie look like mother and son. Spencer is 43 and Mackie is 34..
But obviously, there’ll be some “race-play” here, if the title didn’t give it away, in part. Too bad the father has to be a drug addict to complicated matters further. There’s already enough drama that him being a negligent drug addict seems unnecessarily added on.
Of course, we’ll just have to wait to learn more.
The film is further described as a searing portrayal of a broken man caught up in a struggle clouded by bitterness, blame and racial tension, who learns to forgive and how to provide for the only family he has left.
Cassian Elwes will executive produce, with principal photography scheduled to begin this summer in New Orleans.