We all went apesh*t over Beyoncé's flow in the "Apesh*t" music video. Also standing out were the song's Migos-esque ad-libs throughout. It turns out, those weren't Migos-esque ad-libs, they were Migos ad-libs. Quavo and Offset are actually credited as additional vocalists on the song, according to Spin.  

On Monday, June 18, Twitter user @NessRhyme posted Migos' demo version of the hit song, prompting everyone to weigh on which version was more lit.

The demo appears to be an unauthorized leak as Universal Music Group has snatched down several uploads of the song. Despite UMG's best efforts, once something gets out onto the internet, it's there forever.

Folks were quick to check out the demo, and the reactions are mixed. Some have called the demo the better version of the song, while others swear Bey and Jay upgraded it. 

This proves Beyonce can make anything sound better.
— Stefano Dimera (@2much336) June 19, 2018

pic.twitter.com/7X88W1gWbW— Bernard Johnson (@Bernard53830260) June 19, 2018

Not today …..not today ima let yall enjoy yourselves though. I just want my guys to get some credit which they barely get but its ight pic.twitter.com/1nUgPyOMFI— Bernard Johnson (@Bernard53830260) June 19, 2018

Beyoncé ate this song. However they got producing and composure credit— Bernadine Harris (@MikeFlight_) June 19, 2018

*whispers* i like the migos version better pic.twitter.com/wW2kupzaSN— franklyn (@franklynforeal) June 19, 2018

Migos should’ve kept this Jawn for themselves, this Jawn better than the Carters pic.twitter.com/5OYoreVGM7— _Juice⚡❄ (@_Juice13_) June 19, 2018

The comments are tasteless lol “this version is better” ????— ßoi. (@feistyninoo) June 19, 2018

So we gonna act like Beyoncé WHOLE second verse wasn’t offsets original verse ????????‍♂️ song still ????tho pic.twitter.com/IyKLTjjeVK— Clinton Ruffin™ (@Mr_MostHated) June 19, 2018

Beyonce : pic.twitter.com/Qw4ICv5yEG— SC:PimpTii (@MsBrown_Beauty) June 19, 2018

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