Being one of the most sought after technology brands of the world, it is ironic to discover that Apple, Inc. employs likely one of the least diverse rosters in executive or management positions. The company has defeated a shareholder proposal which would tie the CEO Tim Cook’s compensation deal to diversity among its senior executives, twice.

The prior incident occurred when a shareholder called for Apple to employ more diverse talent in senior management roles. Investor Tony Maldonado argued that failing to hire more diverse talent at senior levels would hinder Apple’s business in years to come. His proposal was defeated in both 2015 and 2016. This year, they are aiming to take measures a step further by preventing the proposal from even getting as far as a vote. 

Apple’s 2016 Equal Employment Opportunity Act report shows 73 of the 107 senior execs were white men; five were Hispanic and black. Across the entire company, 56 percent of employees are white, and 68 percent are male.

Still, Apple insists they have already set measures in place to encourage diversity in the company. It’s not enough, according to Maldonado: “Apple basically duped the investors, to be quite honest. They conned ’em to say, ‘Look, we’re on top of it. Don’t worry about it. Everything’s fine.’”

Though Apple has made some small steps to be more diverse, it isn’t apparent how McIntyre further in they must go to meet the needs of their employees and communities they serve.