Spring is here, and with the flowers, allergens and sundresses, comes Apple’s annual keynote announcement of new products. The tech giant is set to announce their latest crop of iPhones, iPads and iOS software in San Francisco at 10am PDT.

Insiders predict that Apple is moving in a less-is-more direction with everything from the iPhone SE to the iPad Pro being smaller than their predecessors, plus the new phone measuring in at 4 inches (about the size of the current iPhone 5). The Verge explains that “[t]he smaller devices will be a course correction from the ‘bigger is better’ mentality of years past, providing alternative options for customers who prefer their phones to be pocketable and tablets to fit in a go-bag.”

Photo: MacRumors
Photo: MacRumors

Apple is also expected to announce new Apple Watch bands, updated iOS software and new Apple TV features including support for Bluetooth keyboards and Siri search for the App Store.

You can livestream Apple’s announcement via their dedicated channel on the Apple TV set-top box or the Safari browser on OS X (10.8.5 and above) and iOS devices (iOS 7 and above). Windows 10 users can watch in the Microsoft Edge browser.

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Photo: Giphy

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