The Monterey Bay Aquarium experienced the full spectrum of the internet's delight and rage thanks to one of its chubby otters.

The California aquarium tweeted a picture of Abby the Otter on Tuesday with a caption that reads like someone’s wannabe cool mama wrote it:

"Abby is a thicc girl/What an absolute unit/She c h o n k/Look at the size of this lady/OH LAWD SHE COMIN/Another Internetism!" the aquarium posted.

Most people got a kick out of it and applauded the post. Eventually, the tweet made it to the woker side of Twitter, and the aquarium was criticized for using “appropriative language.”

As the Los Angeles Times reports, one Twitter user, who set their account to private after the debacle, replied: "Organizations that are not Black run or specifically focused on Black audiences: don't do things like this. @MontereyAq, this tweet contributes to a hostile environment for Black people, including Black scientists. AAVE isn't a meme for white consumption," wrote the critic.

As the debate over cultural appropriation ensued, the aquarium tweeted an apology, calling its otter post "problematic and insensitive."

Predictably, people began to complain about woke Twitter ruining their fun.

BuzzFeed News reached out to the aquarium, and it stands by the apology.

Mimi Hahn, chief marketing officer at the aquarium, said, "As an organization that seeks to educate, we absolutely welcomed the perspective, information and open discussion, if we want people to listen to us, we have to be willing to listen to them."

In an interesting twist, Abby isn’t any heavier than any other otter. They simply caught sis at a weird angle, according to the Los Angeles Times' reporting.

“That’s not blubber or anything,” the aquarium's mammal curator, Christine DeAngelo, told the paper. “It’s just the angle of her hips and the way she’s rolled. She’s one of our most photogenic animals.”

We have one question, though: what the hell does that caption mean?

That’s enough internet for today.

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