A 16-year-old Georgia honor roll student was killed on his way home from work on Wednesday night.

WSB-TV Atlanta reports Quinton Kevon Martin was heading home from his job at Zaxby's in Newton County when two unidentified gunmen opened fire. Several bullets rang out before the drivers sped off. His manager, who'd been giving the teen a ride, was also shot. Both the manager and Martin were taken to a nearby hospital where Martin was later pronounced dead.

Channel 2 spoke to Martin's father, Roddrick Foster, who said he believes the shooting was a case of mistaken identity. He suspects the shooter was targeting another worker at the restaurant.

"He didn’t even get a chance to get out of the car," Foster said. "They just pulled up and opened fire. I think they shot up the car, like 10 times."

Foster said his son was an honor roll student at Alcovy High School. He had hopes of one day being a pilot and was working to save money for a new car.

Channel 11 Alive reports that Foster was headed to work when he received the call about his son. Martin was two weeks away from celebrating his 17th birthday.  

Updates are pending on the manager's condition.

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