On Easter Sunday 2016, Wakeisha Wilson's body was found in an Los Angeles Police Department jail cell, and her death was was initially ruled a suicide. However, Wilson's family and the rest of the black community fought to learn the truth to what looked to be a very suspicious incident. 

Earlier this year, the LA City Council paid a $298K settlement to end the legal dispute. But, in the case of Wilson's aunt, Sheila Hines-Brim, the fight is far from over. 

According to NBC Los Angeles, Hines-Brim and another woman, Melina Abdullah, were detained after their protest during a Los Angeles Police Commission meeting on Tuesday, May 8. Hines-Brim allegedly threw a powdery substance at LAPD Chief Charlie Beck. Abdullah is a leader of the Black Lives Matter Los Angeles chapter. 

"I used her ashes," Hines-Brim said. "So they could be with him. So he could feel her because he murdered her."

"That's Wakiesha. She's going to stay with you," Hines-Brim shouted as she walked away from Chief Beck.

Hines-Brim told CBS Los Angeles that she heard her niece's spirit inform her to use her ashes. 

The meeting immediately went into recess following the alleged incident. 

 Check out the CBS video report below.