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Carl Carl Obeng

School Psychologist by day, Writer by night. #BlackBoyJoy #BlackBoyWrites

Carl's posts

No, You Can’t Spank The ADHD Out Of My Child

Soon to be parents, Kofi and Savannah were often asked: “Do you want a girl or boy”? They always answer, “We just want him or her to be healthy”. They heard painful stories of parents with children who are born with cerebral palsy, low functioning autism, deaf-blindness, etc. When you combine the stigmatism behind these ailments with the piling hospital bills one...

Fighting For Mental Stability And Equal Pay As A Black Woman In America

Season two of Insecure continued the ongoing battle of Team Issa vs Team Lawrence. However, the role of Molly, played by Yvonne Orji should not be over looked.  Molly begins season two mid-session with a therapist. Therapy has been historically taboo in the Black community. Our people tend to lean on religion and physical involvement during times of metal vulnerability. If one...

4 Essential Steps To Self-Care For The Marginalized Person

Summer should be a time for cookouts, catching up with friends and dancing to the oldies. However, in recent memory, the summer has been troubling for the marginalized person. The marginalized person is generally a being who has been placed on the edge of society. Laws are made to physically, geographically, emotionally and financially hold these people back. Marginalized people are...