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Carl Carl Obeng

School Psychologist by day, Writer by night. #BlackBoyJoy #BlackBoyWrites

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As Black Men, Here Are 4 Ways We Can Hold Ourselves Accountable And Help End Sexual Assault

To be a Black woman in America, is having the ability to be a tsunami and a puddle at the same time.Black women are not only the most disrespected people in the world, but also the most needed. They keep us on our game, set tomorrow’s trends and protect us without any questions asked, yet they are constantly second guessed. As much as we do not like to admit it, Black men,...

Why Open Conversations About Mental Health Are Key To A Successful Relationship

When two people meet and a connection sparks, they begin to talk about everything from favorite foods to political affiliation, and Black Lives Matter.  Historically, mental health is typically a topic left off the menu. Given the state of the union in 2018, people are more inclined to question mental health earlier in a relationship. Questions about self-care, mental health in the...

How Marvel’s 'Black Panther' Reminded Everyone That Africa Is Home

My first memory of life is a time in pre-kindergarten. Two white students told me that I could not play with them because I was black. I went home and told my mother. In her Ghanaian accent she said, “Remember this, there are some white people who will hate you simply because your skin is pure gold.” I was the only black person in my class, therefore I had to learn quickly...