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Carl Carl Obeng

School Psychologist by day, Writer by night. #BlackBoyJoy #BlackBoyWrites

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How Marvel’s 'Black Panther' Reminded Everyone That Africa Is Home

My first memory of life is a time in pre-kindergarten. Two white students told me that I could not play with them because I was black. I went home and told my mother. In her Ghanaian accent she said, “Remember this, there are some white people who will hate you simply because your skin is pure gold.” I was the only black person in my class, therefore I had to learn quickly...

Why You Should Consider Passing On The Mac And Cheese

Does your auntie’s mac and cheese taste the way joy feels? I bet your Grandma fixes corn bread that might as well be a dessert in itself. Not to mention your Uncle, who makes his special sauce for the ribs, and we all have that one person who is designated sweet potato pie maker.Has the above description been your life this past holiday season?The most apparent issue with the...

No, You Can’t Spank The ADHD Out Of My Child

Soon to be parents, Kofi and Savannah were often asked: “Do you want a girl or boy”? They always answer, “We just want him or her to be healthy”. They heard painful stories of parents with children who are born with cerebral palsy, low functioning autism, deaf-blindness, etc. When you combine the stigmatism behind these ailments with the piling hospital bills one...