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Carl Carl Obeng

School Psychologist by day, Writer by night. #BlackBoyJoy #BlackBoyWrites

Carl's posts

My Romphim Brings All The Girls To The Yard

Male Rompers AKA Romphims continue to perpetuate the de-escalation of the Black man. People who make this statement usually follow it up by the words “Female's should just”, “It’s a man’s job to” and “What will our kids think”. Please let it be known, the only entity that is perpetuating the de-escalating of Black men is male...

Black Women Aren't Crazy, Black Men Need To Change The Narrative

"Black Women Are Crazy".This micro statement, with macro implications, has been uttered by too many black men over the years. To understand and love a black woman is to know and understand yourself as a black man. Understanding the black woman's, struggle in conjunction with the hypersexualization of black men, character assassination of black women in media, and privilege...