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Ida Harris Ida Harris


Ida Harris is a current News Editor for Blavity. She is a native New Yorker, sowing seeds in Atlanta. She is savvy with standard English, but poetic with Black Vernacular. She's been known to f*ck up some Oxford commas. When she is not reciting Trap music quotables, she’s writing for The Root, Elle, USA TODAY, DAME magazine and MyBrownBaby. Follow her Twitter, Instagram, and Word2MUVA column.

Ida Harris's posts

How Photographer Kwame Brathwaite Made 'Black Is Beautiful' A Powerful Visual Movement

Point 'Em Out is an editorial series where we'll be exploring the latest and the greatest in Black art. Thanks to modern-day technology, we get to be virtual consumers of yesterday's icons and today’s most innovative Black artwork — and if we're lucky, the Black geniuses who produce them.The shared Black experience begets such words as captivity, despair,...