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Ida Harris is a current News Editor for Blavity. She is a native New Yorker, sowing seeds in Atlanta. She is savvy with standard English, but poetic with Black Vernacular. She's been known to f*ck up some Oxford commas. When she is not reciting Trap music quotables, she’s writing for The Root, Elle, USA TODAY, DAME magazine and MyBrownBaby. Follow her Twitter, Instagram, and Word2MUVA column.

Ida Harris's posts

It's Totally OK To Celebrate Two Black Women At The Same Damn Time

September 8 was a helluva day for black history and women’s professional tennis. Naomi Osaka, a black Asian, earned her first Grand Slam singles title win. In an apparent upset, the world watched as Serena Williams, our tennis royalty, was dethroned in her final match at the U.S. Open against 20-year-old Osaka. The day was more than eventful.Amid the current news...

Despite Speculation Of A Drop In Sales, Nike's Numbers Are Up 31 Percent Since Kaepernick Became Face Of New Campaign

In the business world, it is clear that very few understand the effectiveness of protest. Perhaps somebody should help them out. On Sept. 3, Nike apparel unveiled their Just Do It campaign, featuring former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Since then, financial projections for the brand were primarily negative, however, the latest data proves otherwise. Nike sales have actually...

Shame On Those Who Shame Victims Of Abuse

If you hopped on the Twitterverse last week, you may have seen #UFCyoungboy become a trending topic. You likely associated it with wrestling and paid it no mind if UFC isn't your cup of tea. But the hashtag represented a much crueler pastime birthed from a culture of misogynoir and victim-blaming.Louisiana rapper Youngboy NBA and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Jania Jackson...