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Ida Harris Ida Harris


Ida Harris is a current News Editor for Blavity. She is a native New Yorker, sowing seeds in Atlanta. She is savvy with standard English, but poetic with Black Vernacular. She's been known to f*ck up some Oxford commas. When she is not reciting Trap music quotables, she’s writing for The Root, Elle, USA TODAY, DAME magazine and MyBrownBaby. Follow her Twitter, Instagram, and Word2MUVA column.

Ida Harris's posts

Dear White People: Saying 'N****r' Might Catch You, Or Your Career, The Fade

N****r. N****r. N****r. N****r. N****r. N****r. N****r. N****r. N****r. N****r.This is how I imagine n****r looks, lined up in white people’s psyche waiting for their lingual calling. I envision them imprisoned critters plotting escape. In doing so they descend from a stupid part of white people’s brain, squeeze themselves between the ridge of the mouth and the tip of the...

As Serena Williams Heads to The Wimbledon Final, Here's 9 Reasons She Will Forever Be The G.O.A.T.

Serena Williams is to be protected by any means necessary. She is a national Black treasure--but of course, this is nothing new. Since she won the U.S. Open title in 1999, Williams has exemplified the epitome of all things black: black mama, black daddy, black beauty, black style, black magic, black gold, black excellence--and black middle name, Jameka. She is ours and she never ever...

White Folks Calling 911 On Black Folks Is Why We Must Have Serious Convos About Gentrification

Something smells rotten in the state of California and it ain’t the stench of fish from the San Francisco Bay. It’s the foulness of fragile white folks calling the po-po on black folks in Oakland and the surrounding Bay Area. These citizen cop-callers are crying wolf and setting off false alarms over the most inconsequential shit ever--barbequing in the park, selling bottled...