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Jen Epps-Addison

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The Secret Weapon Of Progressive Candidates

At 7:10 p.m. on election night, a sea of phone bankers and canvassers wearing bright teal t-shirts erupted in a wave of cheers. The polls had just closed and they heard that John Creuzot, the Democratic candidate running for Dallas County District Attorney, was up by 106,000, based on early vote numbers.Since the beginning of September, the primarily Black and Latino canvassers and...

I Was Arrested For Protesting Brett Kavanaugh -- Here's Why I'm Prepared To Do It Again

This month, I was arrested for shouting, “Senators, we need you to #BeAHero and cancel Brett Kavanaugh - Cancel these hearings” during the Senate Judiciary Committee's Supreme Court confirmation hearings.I was the second woman out of more than 200 arrested during the confirmation hearings. Though I was prepared to be arrested for engaging in civil disobedience, my arrest...