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you can listen to The Blawg on iTunes and Soundcloud to hear things the way I see them; or, catch me on AfterbuzzTv

Keith Andre Collins's posts

Nigeria and Jamaica Make History At The Winter Olympics: 'This Was Just Meant To Be'

These two women's teams came to the Pyeong Chang Winter Games with a purpose that is bigger than standing on a podium. The Jamaican women's bobsledding team made history by competing in its first ever Winter Olympic Games. The team completed its first run in 17th place at 51.29 seconds, and earned 19th place overall after the final two runs Wednesday, according...

Donald Glover Shares How Ryan Coogler Asked Him To Write Jokes For 'Black Panther' Script

On Monday, 'Atlanta Robbin' Season' premiered in Los Angeles where Entertainment Tonight caught up with the cast, including Emmy award-winning actor and creator Donald Glover.Glover dished on the new season of the hit series and why his latest film project, 'Solo: A Star Wars Story,' is "more fun" than previous films in the franchise. What we didn't...