A Black father in Florida had the police called on him after being deemed "threatening" for yelling instructions at his son during a game. 

According to ABC, a white field marshal called sheriff's deputies when the man clarified that he was reprimanding his son not the referee. Thanks to a witness named Ginger Williams, the entire interaction was caught on video and titled "Soccer while Black." 

"All he did was tell his kid that the ref was correct and cheered him on, and told him to 'play your game,'" Williams told ABC News. "Other parents were like, 'Whoa, he was talking to his kid.'"

While the father has remained unidentified, he can be heard in the video making the police aware that he was not yelling at the referee for a bad call; instead, he was letting his son know the ref was correct. 

"They had a bad call with my son and … I said, 'Hey, the ref was right.' She thought I was yelling at the ref. So, she came over and I was like, 'No ma'am, I was yelling at my son. Nobody else,'" the father explained before offering to leave the game. 

The unidentified field marshal told deputies she called 911 after the father "got nasty” with her. However, Williams said that's not what happened, and he was only trying to explain to the field marshal that he was talking to his child.

“Then she says to him, 'Well, you can pack up and go, and I'm going to call the police,'" Williams told ABC News.

Williams along with other parents made sure the deputies knew what happened. The officers concluded that they had no reason to detain him and let him go. 

To think, all this could have been avoided by merely minding one's business.

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